Letter From the Future


My eight year old girl

            knows more than the Pope;

more than the elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints;

more than the Anglican Church of Uganda and Rwanda;

more than Dr. James Dobson, Doctor of Divinity.


For she has seen the divine in families with two dads;

knows her friends with two mommies have lives and homes like her own;

sees her friends cared for and loved.


She would not understand why her friends cannot get health insurance

                because the wrong mommy was covered. 

                or are not able to visit the wrong daddy in the hospital

                or are sent to live with a barely-known relative

 when the wrong mommy dies

                or why their parents pay more in taxes

                while their family is not recognized by the state.


No what my daughter sees is Suzanne’s dad

                struggling to care for Suzanne’s disabled brother;

                sees him give up his career to create a good life for his daughter and son.


When was the last time that a pope cared for a disabled child;

                or even changed a single diaper?

                An unfit Papa if you ask me.


Do the elders of the Temple of Mormon think

                that bashing families will make them forget their century of humiliation;

                or make us forget their legacy of polygamy

and their stone age views on women?


Why in Uganda and Rwanda lands splattered with damp human blood

                does the Anglican Church spend its time focusing on the sexual practices

                of those 10,000 miles away?


And for Dr. James Dobson, Doctor of Divinity, I too have a letter from the future. 

It is from 2036.

                Focus on the Family has issued an apology

for decades of hatred of gays and lesbians.

                A Lesbian evangelical Christian has been elected

President of the United States.


This letter is for you, America, with postage due.



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