Bryce Remembered


Late arrival

               campground darkness

cold Autumn

               high desert

blank world



Tent raised

               feel & flashlight

sleeping bags

               sleep away

dark       cold



Early morning

               dark still

rise to pee

               ascend hill

grey       cold



 Why this journey?

               This forsaken place?


Cliff blocks

               way forward

glimmer of light

               word of command

canyon appears

               carved of dawn.


Features appear from murk

colors from monochrome







More and more

               again and again


               ever changing

world of wonder

               entered                engaged.


Twenty years now gone

the wonder still arises

from landscapes

               more mundane.

blessed I live amid woods

               at city’s near edge.




rain’s cold assault

               suns radiant glory

snow’s peace

               wind’s fury


Engulf me when i emerge

               from brick box

protected from wonder  glory

               save small doses

minutes of inspiration

               enveloped in days of comfort.


And my cage enveloped

               in the world alive.

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